Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Post from Michelle's Pixie Dust

Today I have the honor of having Michelle from Michelle's Pixie Dust guest posting on thrifting. Check out her blog! She's got great things to share!

The Beauty of Thrifting

One of my favorite things to do is shop the thrift stores for items to make my home more beautiful. Just like many of you, I live on a tight budget. I would love to go out and spend thousands of dollars on home décor, but this is not in the cards for me at this time.

Today I was the crazy person in Goodwill taking pictures. But I just had to show off some of these finds! Everything was individually priced under $10.00. If I had more space, all of these beauties would be in my home J

The first thing I spotted was this little kitchen storage box. Wouldn’t this be adorable for a rustic or shabby chic kitchen? Aside from storing onions and potatoes, this looks like great storage for dish towels and cloths.

I imagined this little shelf sitting on the corner of an end table or maybe an accent piece to a buffet. It could really go anywhere. I think it would also fit in with a rustic or shabby chic décor.

This vase is so simple, but I love it! I can see this on an end table with some fresh flowers, making everything feel more like home. And can we say CHEAP? This little friend was only $1.00

I fell in love with this little table because it is so different! I haven’t seen many others like it. This could be a plant stand or a little end table. I think it ads character to whatever room it would be in. It’s definitely not a “standard” piece.

I took a little stroll over to the record section and this cover caught my eye. Someday I would love to do a piece of art with old record covers. Wouldn’t this be cute in a small frame? The orange ads a pop of color.
I thought this hot pink fabric was amazing! How great would it be to make throw pillows with this? Or maybe even a camera strap cover?
And then lastly…these shoes! All I kept thinking in my head was “pumped up kicks…” when I saw these. I know these will not fit everyone’s style, but I can imagine them looking super cute with some leggings and a trendy sweater. What do you think?
Beautiful things don’t have to come at an expensive price! It’s all about forming a “look” for that room in your house and searching out pieces to match. I have an extreme love for looking at things the way they could be and not just the way they are. I hope you will try it with me!


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