Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week

Goodwill End Table
So J has this corner in her room that looked just a little too naked. I had been looking for something to put there and I happened to stumble upon this little table at Goodwill.  It needed a little TLC but that could be taken care of with some spray paint and for $4, I couldn't beat it.
Table: Goodwill $3.99
I spray painted the legs and base in black with a satin finish. I contemplated mod-podging the table top with a zebra print fabric but in the end settled on just some white spray paint. 

Mirror: Ikea $3.99 (clearance)
Vase: Goodwill $2.99

So there you have it! Some nice room decor for $11.00

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Decor: Living Room Series

So we have finally finished our living room! I'm not even sure what you would call the theme but it all came together very nicely. Sorry for the bad lighting. I took it at night so I couldn't use the natural sunlight.
I guess the theme of the room is a wine color red, black, white and a tuscan yellow with a hint of green accent. I know, it sounds ridiculous.
So here's two pictures of the mantle. One during the day and the other at night with lamp lighting. The 4 pictures above the mantle are actually canvas covered in fabric. Between canvas and fabric, the pictures only cost $18.
The vases in the middle of the mantle are something I already had from the last house and they were exactly the color I needed which worked out perfect for me.
The pieces on either side of the mantle aren't what I would call a deal. But I liked them so much and they matched so well that I shelled out the $50 bucks for the two of them. 

Mantle decor Total: $68.


So these are coasters I made with the fabric I had left over from the canvas's over the mantle. I already had the tiles from previous coasters I made so this project was essentially free.
When not in use, they serve as a "mat" for this centerpiece on our coffee table. This centerpiece is also something that made the move from the other house. But the bowl I got from Ikea for $1.99 and then I just spray painted it. The rose petals and black cup, I already had and the candle was $1. So all in all, it was really cheap to begin with.

I may have already posted these little "potion bottles," as I call them; but they make a fabulous addition to our entertainment center. 
Potion Bottles: Michaels .20 cents/each
Orchids: Ikea $1.99 each
White Tray: Ikea $4.99

Total: $11.56
This is the decor on our other coffee table. The twine balls were a previous "steal of the week" from Ikea. The lamp came as part of a set we bought awhile ago and the two grape themed pieces on the right were from our last house.
Last but certainly not least is the curtains. JC Penney was having a clearance sale on curtains and we sure did take advantage. The pictures were part of the theme from our kitchen in the last house, which was a wine theme. We just carried it over to this house because we really did like it.
Valences: JC Penney $12/each
Curtain Rod: JC Penney $35
Pictures: Already had
 We decorated this whole room for under $300 and that includes the curtains. Some people spend $300 alone on the curtains.
So there you have the living room series! I've got some great Steals of the Week I still need to post. So keep an eye out!