Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week

Clearance Extravaganza

All the stuff you see here in this picture, I got for $6.25.... Total! Michaels is having a great clearance sale. The original price of these things would've added up to more than $35. But with 90% off the foamies, rose petals, vases and and cake decorating accessories and 70% off the jewelry, it came out to be quite a steal.
The cake accessories were the best deal of all. Originally $14.99 and got them for $1.99  :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Decor: Bathroom Series Part 3

Master Bathroom
This is a picture of our master bathroom just after it was finished. I love the dark, mocha cabinets and soon set out looking for decorations to match.
The two pictures, above the towel rack are from the last house. The towels were an inexpensive additon to help complete the look.
Brown Bath Towels: Wal-mart $1.99
Beige Hand Towels: Wal-mart $.99
Ribbon: Wal-mart $1

Total: $7.00

Picture and Frame: Ikea $6.00
Basket: Joann's $4.00 (clearance)
Oraganizational Unit: Wal-Mart $49.99

Ok, So the organizational unit was not a great deal. But I shelled out the money since there really wasn't an aesthetically pleasing place to put a medicine cabinet. And this provided a little bit more storage with a decorative feel.
So I changed up this unit a bit to give it a little more of a "spa" feel. I love spa-ish decorations for bathrooms.
I added a couple of white wash cloths and a wrapped bar of soap to the bottom shelf and two rolled white towels to the top rack.
I also added these nice little vases to fill some space on the counter top.
Vases: Michaels .30 cents each
Flowers: Michaels $1.99 for all 4.

Total: $3.19
I'm thinking about getting a nice tray to put them on. But they look kind of nice the way they are now.
So this wraps up the bathroom series. I'm almost finished decorating the bedrooms so keep an eye out.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Mod Podge Picture frames

So J just wrapped up her third season of cheerleading this past fall. I decided it would be a good end of season gift to make each of the girl's picture frames with a team picture in it. Their colors are green, black and white (they were using pink in this picture for breast cancer awareness.)
The only thing I had to buy for this was the wood frames and zebra print tissue. The girl's usual cheer bows have zebra print in them so I wanted to incorporate that. I already had the green tissue paper left over from a giant multi-colored pack I bought a couple years ago.  
Wood Frames:  Michaels $1
Zebra print tissue: Michales $1.99
Mod Podge, tissue paper and glitter: Already had

Total: $10 for 8 pictures.
The beauty of Mod Podge is that there is no rhyme or reason. You just slap the paper on any way you please and slather on the mod podge. I sprinkled on the glitter while it was still wet, but once it is dry you'll want to put another coat on to keep the glitter from falling off.
Once they were completely dry, I puff painted each girls name along with the year in white (which I neglected to take a picture of.) But they turned out pretty cute.
You could do an idea like this for any team of any sport as an end of season gift or even a fundraiser.
Happy Mod-Podging

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home Decor: Bathroom Series Part 2: Pink Passion

So I recently finished decorating J and A's bathroom. And what little girl doesn't want a bathroom full of pink??!! The thing I love the most about this bathroom is that I didn't buy a single decoration (Ok, I bought two wash cloths....and a can of spray paint... and a bath set but that was it!) I tried to use things I already had and spruced them up a little.
I had so much fun decorating this tiered tower. The Hubb's grandma actually gave us the tower so that saved us quite a few Washington's.
The bath set is actually what set the motion for this pretty-in-pink bathroom.

Bath set: Wal-mart (shower curtain, bath mat, and sink mat) $9.99
Frame: Ikea $1.99. (Already had)
Print: Ikea $3.00 (Already had)

The items in the next two pictures were my absolute favorite to do. Not only because they're pink and fun but because I actually got creative with what I already had.
Two years ago, my sweet little grandma (who is a crafter just like me) gave me a bag full of buttons and beads. I sorted the buttons but had no idea how I would use the beads.... until now. And miraculously, even among the moving mess, I came across them. They worked perfect in the vases. The only thing I had to purchase in this picture was the hot pink wash cloths. 
Pink Wash Cloths: Target $2.99/each
The vases and white wash cloths I already had but I purchased them all at Ikea for less than $7 total
Ribbon: Michaels (already had)

Every girl/woman has bottles of lotion and perfume that they only half used, or in this case.... didn't use at all . Instead of throwing them out, I up-cycled them into pretty decor. Using Grandma's beads, I simply "dressed up" the lotion and perfume and then layed a few pieces of potpurri around it.
I got the flowers and decorative crystals months ago because they were on clearance. And they look lovely in this vase that I already had.
Vase, Ribbon, Lotion, Perfume, Beads and Potpurri: already had = FREE!!
Decorative crystals: Michaels $3.99
Flowers: Michaels $2.99

These little glass cups were clear when they lived at my last house. Spray paint fixed that!
Glasses: Already had but I got them from Ikea.
Spray Paint: Michaels $2.10

So these last two tiers aren't too fascinating. I'm thinking of getting a nice little, decorative basket for the TP. What do you think?
White Bath Towels, White dish, Candle and potpurri: Already had but they are from Ikea for around $11

Moral of the story people: Look around... your old junk may become your newest decor.
Happy Decorating!

Friday, January 18, 2013

GUEST POST: Hosting a Bridal Shower on a Budget.

I have a great Guest Post for you guys today. David has put together a great article on how to save money when planning for a bridal shower. And I imagine these same ideas could extend into ways to save money on other events and occasions as well.


Money-saving Ideas for Hosting a Fabulous Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower is an honor bestowed to many – and an expense you may not have been saving up for. But don’t fret; there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to throw a great celebration without sacrificing quality and style. With a little creative thinking – and creative wording on the bridal shower invites – you can throw the bridal shower of her dreams while keeping your wallet intact. From the location to catering and decorations, here are some economical ideas to get you started:

Say yes to the guests. More likely than not, someone will ask if they can help. If they don’t offer to assist with a specific task, like ordering the cake or creating centerpieces, assign them one. Even if it’s just as simple as supplying the party favors, taking this expense of your list frees up some of the budget for something else, or stays in your wallet.

Host a theme party. Whether a day at the races, a bridal tea, or a monochromatic color scheme, simply make note on the bridal shower invitations asking guests to play the part. With all the ladies wearing big hats or the same color, this is perhaps the easiest way to create a cohesive environment and lets you ease up on, or eliminate, decorations.

Keep the venue simple. Renting any type of venue can be costly. Instead, consider hosting the shower at someone’s house or at a local park or garden. However, if renting a venue is a must, select one that coordinates with the theme and requires little to no additional decorations.  

Involve the guests. In the most subtle of ways, ask guests to contribute. For example, on the bridal shower invite, request guests to bring a side dish to complement the main course. Alternatively, request that guests wrap gifts in a certain color – grouped together on tables with a single flower or a candle adds to the d├ęcor.

Be original with the timing. If the guest of honor loves coffee, host an early morning shower – coffee and pastries cost far less than catering a whole meal. On the other hand, if a cocktail party is in order, host the celebration at the bride-to-be’s favorite wine bar and take advantage of happy hour prices.

Eliminate. As future brides seek to create events as unique as they are, more and more are opting out of traditional elements. Listen to her wishes, and start eliminating where you can. With bridal shower games and party favors at the top of the list, most guests will appreciate not having to participate in “cutesy” games and often leave without taking party favors anyway.

Whether you incorporate just one or all of these budget-friendly tips, or find other ways to reduce the cost, the bottom line isn’t about how much you spend. It’s about creating memories with the bride-to-be and her closest friends and family as she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

Author Bio: Dave Santiago is a seasoned writer who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

FREE Quilting Classes!

Online Quilting Class

Craftsy has announced their free Block of the Month for 2013 and it will be free, online quiliting tutorials. All skill levels welcome! Sign up and start learning or perfecting for FREE!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Decor: Bathroom Series Part 1

So last month, the Hubbs and I closed on a new house. It took 7 months to complete our new abode and it was fun watching it take shape from the ground up. And what's been even more fun, is the decorating. It's like starting with a blank canvas.
So as I slowly turn my house into a home, I'll be featuring the inexpensive ways I've decorated different rooms. Today I'll start with our main level powder bath.
I love this bathroom. It's a fairly spacious bathroom with a pedestal sink and oval mirror which I think adds simple beauty. The theme of this bathroom is a nautical/beachy one. The framed picture (below) is one that I already had from the last house and Hubbs picked up the small towel rack (below) from Home Depot for less than $10. Now I'm a big, big fan of decorative towels. I must be getting old because when I was younger, I thought hanging towels up that people weren't supposed to use was just stupid. But here I am.... endorsing "stupid."
White Towel: Wal-mart $1.99
Green Hand Towel: Target $3.99
Ribbon: Already had.

Total: $6
In my last house, I had an actual vanity and a decorative shelf to put all these nice little decorations on. The pedestal sink does not allow much decorating space so lucky for me, I happened to stop by Bed, Bath and Beyond when this hanging shadow box thingy was on clearance. It fits all my little beachy decorations nicely.

Shadow Box thingy: Bed, Bath and Beyond $16.99

All the beachy decorations are something I already had from our last house. But I got these a couple years ago at Michaels during their end of summer clearance and I think the most expensive one I got was the Pelican for like $4.

I had this picture from the last house.

There is nowhere to store TP. So this little basket served well. I also threw a couple magazines and a little decorative piece is as well.

Basket: Michaels $5

You can find an inspiration photo for something similar here .
Happy Decorating!


Friday, January 4, 2013

One of a Kind Ornaments

So this project is a little out of season now but it was a great (and inexpensive) project to do with the kids. J loved it!
Materials: Glass/Plastic Ornaments
                  Puff Paint/Acrylic Paint in various colors
                  Mod Podge
I got the clear glass ornaments at Michaels for50% off. So they came out to something like $3-$4/6 pack. And really, you can use any craft materials you like, stickers, jewels, beads, etc. To make the purple ornament in the center, I used white puff paint to draw on the swirls and then sprinkled glitter over top. Let it dry and then dust/blow the excess glitter off.
The two ornaments on either side were decorated from the inside, which is a great idea for kids because it minimizes the mess. We poured mod podge in the ornament, threw glitter and other color paints in there and swirled them all around.
Ornaments: Michaels, $3-$4.
Glitter: Michaels, $1.50/4 pack.
Puff Paint and Mod Podge: Already had.

Total: $4.50-$5.50

The ornaments below were done with puff paint in little circular globs followed by glitter. I found that it was easiest to do one color of glitter at a time, i.e. put a few puff paint circles on the ornament, sprinkle pink glitter, paint on a few more circles, sprinkle on gold glitter, etc. Doing it this way keeps the project from turning into a psychedelic mess.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week x2

Ok, so I know I owe like 8 Steal of the Weeks after my 2 month hiatus. I just wasn't feeling the blogging vibe, so I simply took a break. So to somewhat make up for it, I'm posting 2 today. That's got to count for something right? Hubbs and I just moved into our new place so with all the decorating to be done, I've got lots of good things coming on home decor... on a budget of course!
I love a good After Christmas Sale.... well I love any sale for that matter. I picked these up at Target for an outstanding deal.
Pack of 8 Christmas Ornaments: Target: $1.50/each

These Adora Boots were a Christmas present for A. So I actually got these on sale before Christmas.
Adora Boots: Old Navy: $7.49
Pretty good deals I thought!