Friday, January 4, 2013

One of a Kind Ornaments

So this project is a little out of season now but it was a great (and inexpensive) project to do with the kids. J loved it!
Materials: Glass/Plastic Ornaments
                  Puff Paint/Acrylic Paint in various colors
                  Mod Podge
I got the clear glass ornaments at Michaels for50% off. So they came out to something like $3-$4/6 pack. And really, you can use any craft materials you like, stickers, jewels, beads, etc. To make the purple ornament in the center, I used white puff paint to draw on the swirls and then sprinkled glitter over top. Let it dry and then dust/blow the excess glitter off.
The two ornaments on either side were decorated from the inside, which is a great idea for kids because it minimizes the mess. We poured mod podge in the ornament, threw glitter and other color paints in there and swirled them all around.
Ornaments: Michaels, $3-$4.
Glitter: Michaels, $1.50/4 pack.
Puff Paint and Mod Podge: Already had.

Total: $4.50-$5.50

The ornaments below were done with puff paint in little circular globs followed by glitter. I found that it was easiest to do one color of glitter at a time, i.e. put a few puff paint circles on the ornament, sprinkle pink glitter, paint on a few more circles, sprinkle on gold glitter, etc. Doing it this way keeps the project from turning into a psychedelic mess.

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