Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Mod Podge Picture frames

So J just wrapped up her third season of cheerleading this past fall. I decided it would be a good end of season gift to make each of the girl's picture frames with a team picture in it. Their colors are green, black and white (they were using pink in this picture for breast cancer awareness.)
The only thing I had to buy for this was the wood frames and zebra print tissue. The girl's usual cheer bows have zebra print in them so I wanted to incorporate that. I already had the green tissue paper left over from a giant multi-colored pack I bought a couple years ago.  
Wood Frames:  Michaels $1
Zebra print tissue: Michales $1.99
Mod Podge, tissue paper and glitter: Already had

Total: $10 for 8 pictures.
The beauty of Mod Podge is that there is no rhyme or reason. You just slap the paper on any way you please and slather on the mod podge. I sprinkled on the glitter while it was still wet, but once it is dry you'll want to put another coat on to keep the glitter from falling off.
Once they were completely dry, I puff painted each girls name along with the year in white (which I neglected to take a picture of.) But they turned out pretty cute.
You could do an idea like this for any team of any sport as an end of season gift or even a fundraiser.
Happy Mod-Podging

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