Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home Decor: Bathroom Series Part 2: Pink Passion

So I recently finished decorating J and A's bathroom. And what little girl doesn't want a bathroom full of pink??!! The thing I love the most about this bathroom is that I didn't buy a single decoration (Ok, I bought two wash cloths....and a can of spray paint... and a bath set but that was it!) I tried to use things I already had and spruced them up a little.
I had so much fun decorating this tiered tower. The Hubb's grandma actually gave us the tower so that saved us quite a few Washington's.
The bath set is actually what set the motion for this pretty-in-pink bathroom.

Bath set: Wal-mart (shower curtain, bath mat, and sink mat) $9.99
Frame: Ikea $1.99. (Already had)
Print: Ikea $3.00 (Already had)

The items in the next two pictures were my absolute favorite to do. Not only because they're pink and fun but because I actually got creative with what I already had.
Two years ago, my sweet little grandma (who is a crafter just like me) gave me a bag full of buttons and beads. I sorted the buttons but had no idea how I would use the beads.... until now. And miraculously, even among the moving mess, I came across them. They worked perfect in the vases. The only thing I had to purchase in this picture was the hot pink wash cloths. 
Pink Wash Cloths: Target $2.99/each
The vases and white wash cloths I already had but I purchased them all at Ikea for less than $7 total
Ribbon: Michaels (already had)

Every girl/woman has bottles of lotion and perfume that they only half used, or in this case.... didn't use at all . Instead of throwing them out, I up-cycled them into pretty decor. Using Grandma's beads, I simply "dressed up" the lotion and perfume and then layed a few pieces of potpurri around it.
I got the flowers and decorative crystals months ago because they were on clearance. And they look lovely in this vase that I already had.
Vase, Ribbon, Lotion, Perfume, Beads and Potpurri: already had = FREE!!
Decorative crystals: Michaels $3.99
Flowers: Michaels $2.99

These little glass cups were clear when they lived at my last house. Spray paint fixed that!
Glasses: Already had but I got them from Ikea.
Spray Paint: Michaels $2.10

So these last two tiers aren't too fascinating. I'm thinking of getting a nice little, decorative basket for the TP. What do you think?
White Bath Towels, White dish, Candle and potpurri: Already had but they are from Ikea for around $11

Moral of the story people: Look around... your old junk may become your newest decor.
Happy Decorating!

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