Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Decor: Bathroom Series Part 3

Master Bathroom
This is a picture of our master bathroom just after it was finished. I love the dark, mocha cabinets and soon set out looking for decorations to match.
The two pictures, above the towel rack are from the last house. The towels were an inexpensive additon to help complete the look.
Brown Bath Towels: Wal-mart $1.99
Beige Hand Towels: Wal-mart $.99
Ribbon: Wal-mart $1

Total: $7.00

Picture and Frame: Ikea $6.00
Basket: Joann's $4.00 (clearance)
Oraganizational Unit: Wal-Mart $49.99

Ok, So the organizational unit was not a great deal. But I shelled out the money since there really wasn't an aesthetically pleasing place to put a medicine cabinet. And this provided a little bit more storage with a decorative feel.
So I changed up this unit a bit to give it a little more of a "spa" feel. I love spa-ish decorations for bathrooms.
I added a couple of white wash cloths and a wrapped bar of soap to the bottom shelf and two rolled white towels to the top rack.
I also added these nice little vases to fill some space on the counter top.
Vases: Michaels .30 cents each
Flowers: Michaels $1.99 for all 4.

Total: $3.19
I'm thinking about getting a nice tray to put them on. But they look kind of nice the way they are now.
So this wraps up the bathroom series. I'm almost finished decorating the bedrooms so keep an eye out.

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  1. Target had also put several diy cozy home non-holiday items (mostly from their Threshold line) on clearance such as this glass lamp base that I love (but have no place for...),