Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week: $1.99 Kid's Craft

Pine Cone Owl

So this past weekend here in Colorado was kind of rainy and very cold. So we lined the kids up with a slew of activities. Among them was this little pine cone owl which I found on Pinterest.

Materials: Cotton Balls, Pine Cones, Googly Eyes

My kids had a blast with this project. So simple and inexpensive but they loved it.


Pine Cones: Bag for $2.99 from Michaels (or if you hunt for your own, it's FREE)

Cotton balls: already had so they were FREE

Googly Eyes: $1.99 from Michaels


Stuff cotton in between all the crevices of the pine cone. Use a pencil to make sure the cotton gets in there really good.

Glue Eyes on

For nose, wad up a little piece of cotton, glue on and paint.

For wings: Take a cotton ball, pull apart into a fan shape. Trim edges to shape.

Original Inspiration for this project found at

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