Monday, August 6, 2012

Your Weekly Money Saving Move: Crafting with Goodwill

I will be featuring a weekly "Money Saving Move" here on the blog. It can range anywhere from fashion, crafts, and groceries to gardening and home decor.

This weeks Money Saving Move is craft and home decor centered.


Ok so it's a corny catch phrase..... But it's true!! I needed some cheap T-shirts for another project and decided to swing by my local Goodwill. I was pretty amazed at all the home goods they had and on the cheap! I am a big fan of up-cycling. If I don't have the materials needed for a DIY or up-cycle project, I head to Goodwill. I have found a variety of vases (which I always have a use for.) as well as pictures and frames  and an assortment of other things; all of which make great up-cycled items.

Take this picture frame for example:

This frame I found at Goodwill For $3.99. I simply, took the picture out and spray painted the frame and gave it a whole new purpose! 

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