Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspiration Photo Series: Simply Fresh

Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Bathroom
Inspiration photo 1
When we were selling our last house, I had to find a very inexpensive way to "Stage" our bathroom. Ikea was my go-to place for this. These towels (below) will actually go in our guest bathroom in our next house as well.... and this time I'll be sure to iron them ;)
Beauty and the Budget Version
White Bath Towels: Ikea $3.99 each. Get it Here
Mauve Hand Towels: Ikea $2.99 each. Get it Here
Frame: Ikea $1.99. Get it Here
Print: Ikea $3.00. Get it Here
Black Ribbon: Michaels (already had)

Total: $19.00

Tip: you can make this less expensive by buying just one set (see photo below.) Or if you have some coordinating towels on hand, all you need is some ribbon.
Inspiration Photo 2

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