Monday, August 13, 2012

Your Weekly Money Saving Move: Receipt Surveys

Yes, I know... when the cashier starts to rattle off "and when you go online in the next 7 days and fill out this survey....," I, too would tune it out. But come to find out, some of those surveys are pretty worthwhile. I now check the bottom of all my receipts to see if there is a survey on it. Examples of this include:
Jamba Juice
  • Fill out the survey and get a free 16oz. beverage on your next visit
Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Fill out the survey and get 6 traditional wings free on your next visit
JC Penney, Old Navy, Children's Place, Victoria's Secret and other retailers
  • Fill out the survey and get a % or dollar amout off your next purchase
Grocery Store Starbucks
  • Sometimes you get a receipt to fill out a survey and then get a free tall beverage

Now the retail ones don't always have what I deem to be a "worthwhile" reward. Meaning, it's not something I am realistically going to use. The Victoria's Secret one is typically get $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more. Now while I love Victoria's Secret, I rarely every spend $50 there at one time.  However, the Children's Place survey is usually  20% off a $30 purchase. This is an amount I would realistically spend there.

The restaraunt surveys are the ones I find to be the most beneficial. I fill out these surveys and use the "rewards" frequently. I highly recommend if nothing else, you at least fill out restaraunt survey.

Regardless, your interests, lifestyle and budget; receipt surveys are a perk everyone can enjoy.

Anybody else come across a survey that had a reward that you found worthwile?

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