Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week

Top: New York and Company $5.97 (normally $24.95)
Skirt:  New York and Company $9.99 (normally $49.95)
Belt:  New York and Company $5.99 (normally $19.95)
Sunglasses:  New York and Company $7.00 (normally $14.95)
Necklace: New York and Company $ 2.99 (normally $24.95)
Shoes: (A couple years old from Dillards)

Outfit Total: $31.94

Total Savings: $102.81

This outfit was a GREAT deal. I love saving more than I spend.

Great outfit for Fall

All of these Items were on sale or clearance.

Top: Kohl's $8.00
Sweater: JC Penney $11.00
Belt: New York and Company $5.99
Jeans: JC Penney $15.00
Wedge Shoes: Old Navy: $7.00

Outfit Total: $47.00
Not too bad for an ENTIRE outfit! And this outfit would transition to evening attire simply by removing the sweater, unrolling the jeans, adding some black or nude pumps and a necklace.

This is also a good example of how you can get good deals at many different stores. Because let's be honest, while stores like, Forever 21, and Love Culture, etc do have clothes at great prices, not all of us can fit into everything they have.

Necklaces: $2.99 each from New York and Company.
(Normally $24.95)

Savings: $19.96 each

I recenltly stopped in New York and Company on one of my "let's just see if they have anything good on sale" kicks. I found these two necklaces. Between the two of them I saved almost $40 bucks! I will be posting more of my great finds soon.

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