Friday, September 7, 2012

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week: Flats

So I had something to return to JC Penney the other day. As a general rule of mine, I always browse the clearance section of a store "just to see." I came across these 2 pairs of shoes for J.

Shoes: JC Penney $8.00 each (originally $20.00)
similar  here

Total Savings: $24.00


I had actually seen these a couple months ago on sale for $14. I decided against getting them at the time because she didn't need them. But as soon as I saw they were down to $8, I quickly snagged them. So for 2 pairs,  I spent just $2 more than what I would've spent for 1 pair when I initally saw them. Patience truly was a virtue in this instance. 

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