Monday, September 17, 2012

Crochet 3-1 Neck Warmer

So this is my first installment of  DIY projects (finally.) This is almost like a "Money Saving Move" and "Steal of the Week" combined. I love to crochet and moreso, I love to crochet hats, scarves and the like. So, consequently I have A LOT of scarves. I recently came across a pattern for a neck warmer.

However, as I went along, I added a few variations of my own. When it was finished, I realized I had something of a 3-in-1 scarf.


Hooded Scarf:

Neck Warmer:

The pattern I used for this is as follows:

Yarn: Red Heart (I forget the shade of blue) This pattern would work best with a bulky or chunky yarn. But, If working with worsted weight yarn (as I did above,) hold 2 strands together.
Hook: 6.5mm

Row 1: Ch. 60 (or as many as you need to comfortably wrap around your neck twice.)

Join round with a sl st. Use a marker if need be to mark the start of your row.

Row 2-3: DC in each st across.

Row 4-5: Treble Crochet in each stitch arcoss

Row 6-7: DC in each stitch across

Row 8: SC in each stitch across. Finish and weave in ends.

This is a fairly simple pattern and great for beginners. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy scarf-ing.

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