Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Part 1: T-shirt scarves

So over the course of the next 3 posts, I'm going to give a little tutorial on T-shirt scarves . It's fun and quite possibly the cheapest way to accessorize.  I originally found the inspiration and instructions on Pinterest here. I was amazed at how simple they are to make.

My dad had some T-shirts that he was getting rid of. I was happy to take them off his hands since they were perfect for this project. But if you don't have any old T-shirts on hand, goodwill is a great place to pick some up in a variety of colors.

Now, the key to this project is to make sure you've got a good sized T-shirt (Size Large and up is good.) and you're using a pretty good pair of scissors.. They'll make better cuts and therefore a better, smoother finished product.

To start,

1. you lay a T-shirt flat.

2. Cut the bottom seam off. And also cut the shirt off just below the armpits. So now you have just a square/rectangle of a T-shirt. (Sorry I don't have a picture.)

3. Keep cutting the shirt across (the same way you cut the seam and arms off) trying to ensure the strips cut are roughly the same size (you can measure if you want to get precise.)  Don't worry the strips will look smoother and more finished in the end.

4. When you've finished cutting, you should have a bunch of pieces that look like big loops or circles. Simply gather them together (as if you were going to put them over your head) and begin to pull them gently, causing them to stretch.

I wanted mine to wrap around my neck twice so I stretched mine quite a bit. Let me know how yours turned out!

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