Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maine Attraction

Hey everyone!

So the Hubbs and I's vacation has come to a bittersweet end. I LOVE this part of the country and am sad to leave but I miss my girls and couldn't wait to see them when we landed. On this trip, we flew into Boston, stopped by Fenway, drove by Harvard and then took route 1 up the coast through New Hampshire and Maine. It was very scenic and we stopped in lots of cool places along the way.


Cape Elizabeth

Cape Neddick
Bug Light House in Portland

Portland Head Lighthouse
The back roads of Maine

We stayed at a B&B in Maine where all that stood between us and the beach was about 20 steps and a sand dune. I loved listening to waves crash right outside our window and I snapped a picture of the awesome sunrise in the morning.

I'm proud to say we did not eat at one chain restaurant. We ate at all these great little local places and had lots and lots of fried clams. We were addicted.  And yes, we had lobster too .
Meet Larry.... Our dinner.
Dinner on the wharf

We toured around Boston a bit, stopping to see Fenway and also sight seeing around the North End

The Old North Church
Paul Revere's House
And because it was the North End, of course we stopped at Mike's Pastries and had some good Italian food.
Now of course this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't include some ways to save money while vacationing.
1.) Use Hotel points ( if you have them) to stay places for free
2.) Try to choose places that have complimentary breakfasts, especially if you're traveling with the whole family.
3.) Use the Groupon Now app. This will find you deals on food in the city you're visiting and you might even find some deals on local entertainment.
4.) Try to travel in off peak times. This isn't always possible but we managed to visit Maine right after peak season ended, so the B&B, as well as souvenirs were a little bit cheaper. Plus, there are less crowds.
5.) Walk or use public transit if you're in a city that's conducive to that. Less money on rental cars, gas and parking. 

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