Thursday, February 7, 2013

Color Me Organized

Button Up


My sweet little grandma gave me tons of buttons a year ago or so. She'd had a lot of these buttons for years and some of them even belonged to her mother.  I've had a hard time finding vintage-like buttons so I was happy to take these off her hands.
I had just been keeping these buttons in baggies but then I stumbled upon something I had pinned on pinterest awhile back. It's using an old spice rack to organize your buttons...... GENIUS! I've had this spice rack since we first moved into our last house and I hadn't used it in years. So needless to say the spices probably weren't very spice-y anymore.
I wanted to sort them by color and decided this would make for a great "busy" project for my girls. They were actually eager to do it; which I was grateful for because I did not want to sort all those buttons myself. 
After all the buttons were sorted, J got the added bonus of painting the tops of the lids to coordinate with what color button was in the bottle. It was win-win. My girls got a fun project and I got organization out of this whole deal.

This idea could be used for any small craft item really, such as stickers, small flowers, jewels, hair clips, etc.
if you're a big into jewelry, you could spray paint and spruce up the spice holder a little more and use it as a way to organize rings, earrings and necklaces by color.

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