Friday, February 8, 2013

Bedroom Series Part 1: Pretty in Pastel

We're getting more settled into the house and more rooms are coming together! The first one that is finally completely finished is Ash's room. Most of the decor in her old room was stuff that coordinated with her crib set. We decided to do a whole new decor for her in this house. My sweet Hubbs let me take the reigns on it and boy did I have fun!
I have to say this room was a thorn in my side at first because I could not decide on ANYTHING... from a comforter to paint colors to a theme. But then a friend from church told me she was re-decorating her daughter's bedroom and asked if I wanted some of the things she was getting rid of. This solved my dilemma! I ended up taking some things that became the foundation for the theme of Ash's room and went from there.
Shortly after I found this inspiration photo on Pinterest. I LOVED this room and decided soft colors was the way to go.
The comforter I did finally decide on was the fairly close in color to the one above and the busy patter meant I could do a lot of other simple decorations around the room.
Comforter: JCP $99.99
Wall Scroll: Joann's Fabric $14.99 + 20% off coupon = $12.00

 This is what Ash's room looks like when you first walk in. These curtains are actually the curtains from my old room at my parents house. I'm glad I could breathe new life into them. I know this picture seems a little fuzzy but I had to use an instagram finish because the intial picture was too dark.
Curtains: FREE ( c/o my rents)

Phrases: FREE (c/o my church friend)
This rug was also a foundation piece for this room. I picked it up at Target long before the house was even close to being done. The pastel colors were perfect for the theme I was going for.

Rug: Target $7.98 (Originally $24.99)
The letter below was actually my inspiration for the letters I did for Ash. I used scotch tape for the vertical stripes to ensure a straight and bleed-free finish. I intentionally made my stripes different widths because I found I actually liked that look better. I free handed the polka dots on the letters I did. But if you wanted them nice and perfect, you could always use dot stickers or whole punch some colored paper and mode podge/ glue them on.

Inspiration photo:
Letters: Michaels: $2.99/ each + 20% off coupon = $2.40/ each
Acrylic Paint: $1.99/ each

Total: $18.98

I found some great pastel colored pots at Ikea that matched the room and the comforter perfectly.

Flowers: Already had
Ceramic Pot: Ikea $1.99 / each

Toal: $5.97

 I love this bookshelf. My dad made it about 5 years ago for J. But it doesn't really match her decor anymore so it has been passed down to Ash. The phrase "LOVE" was actually a little DIY kit. It came with the plain cardboard letters and then you could decorate it how you pleased with the stickers and decals it came with.

Lamp, flowers and basket: Already had
"Love" letters: Wal-Mart $4.00
Vases: Ikea $1.99
Green Petals: Michaels .60 cents (clearance)
Blue Shadow Box: Goodwill: $1.99

So these next few pictures are just kind of a comprehensive look at how the room came out when all said and done. Surprisingly, I didn't buy a whole heck of a lot for it. A lot of it I either already had, or was given which made me happy because it made decorating that much more inexpensive.
The only other thing I'm thinking about doing is spray painting that black frame another color, maybe a soft yellow. The black doesn't really mesh with the rest of the room. lol.



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