Monday, February 4, 2013

Beauty Budget Steal of the Week

These little white vases below are one of the items I scored at the Michaels Clearance bonanza. (sorry for the poor lighting.)  They came in a pack of 4 for the low low price of .39 cents, which equaled out to a little less than 10 cents a bottle. So of course I bought 4 packs and am now in the process of figuring out what to do with 12 of these adorable little bottles.
These bottles are quite petite so I wanted a simple but semi elegant way to display them. I found the orchids at Ikea and they were a perfect size for the bottles. While I liked the clean look of the all white (above), it didn't match our living room. So I spray painted the bottles in colors that matched better and then placed them on a simple white dish.
Orchids: Ikea $1.99/each
White Tray: Ikea $4.99
Bottles: Michaels 10 cents/each
Spray Paint: already had.

Total: Around $11.30

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