Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Princess meets Safari

Vases: Goodwill ($4.00)  Flower, Ribbon, Rhinestones: Michael's (all for under$10.00)

Customized home decor: $14.00

Randy and I recently re-finished a room for Jordyn. The theme is purple and zebra print.  My mom helped me put together these vases for decor to match the room. We spent quite a lot of money finishing the room so any new decor I wanted, I had to make inexpensive. I already had the vases. One was a left over vase from flowers my husband gave me; and the other two I found at Goodwill awhile back for $1.99 a piece. Next up was trip to Michael's where I picked up fake flowers in zebra print and purple and large rhinestones. The beauty of this project is you can customize it to any color scheme you want!
 NOTE: The flowers did not come this way. I bought purple flowers (like the ones you see on the cylindrical vases) and I bought Zebra print flowers. We basically had to take them off the stem and then combine the two colors in layers and put back on the stem. I'm hoping to get  tutorial of this soon.

Here's what the rest of the room looks like:

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