Thursday, April 19, 2012

Money Saving Move of the Week: Coupons

ok, so this is another no brainer for most people. But I have heard some people say "clipping coupons is a waste of time." Oh contrare my friends. With just a little extra effort, you can save yourself quite a bit of money over time on every day hygeine and other household products.

Take for instance this:

2 bottles of shampoo and 1 bottle of conditioner

Total Price: $2.40

Total Savings: $2.09
Jacq's money saving rule number 1:  ALWAYS check the clearance aisles in every store you walk into. Target, Grocery Stores, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, etc. Even if you're only there to get one or two things, you should still scan the clearance sections just to see what's there.

I picked these particular shampoos up at Safeway. I found the shampoos on the clearance aisle for .69 cents a piece (normally $1.40 each) and I also had a coupon for buy two, get one free on suave products. These were the only two suave products in the clearance bin, so I just picked up a regular priced bottle of conditioner at $1.69. After clearance price and coupon I walked out with these three items saving almost as much as I spent.

Now $2 may not seem like much; but think of how many bottles you use throughout the year. When you multiply the savings by that, it turns out to be a lot more. I have a stash of shampoos, body wash and conditioners in my house, all of which I got for prices like this.  Even if you do not need it at the moment, I recommend buying them when you come across deals like this. It will prevent you from paying full price out of necessity when you do run out.

Another example of this:

Two 29oz. bottles of conditioner for $2.92

Total Savings: $8.78

I picked these up at Target. They were normally $5.84 per bottle but I got them for $1.46 each. I saved $8.78. I have recently been coming across coupons for Pantene that are along the lines of "Save $1.00 on two." I did not have said coupon when I got these but if I had, I would have only spent $1.92 for BOTH of them.

And my last example:

Toothpaste w/toothbrush: $1.68. 4 pack of razors: $2.99
Total: $4.67
The toothpaste, I just found on clearance at Target. I thought it was a pretty good deal since it included a toothbrush as well. The razors were on sale at Safeway for $4.99 and with a coupon for $2.00 off one, it brought my price down to $2.99

So for these 7 items the total was $9.99 but the savings was $13.18... all because of coupons!

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